Woranan School of Music

โรงเรียนดนตรีวรนันท์Well-known guitarist Ittinan “Teh” Intaranan is one of the most respected members of the Chiang Mai jazz community. Over the years ‘Ajarn Teh’ has played a part in the education of virtually every jazz musician in town. Educated in jazz guitar at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, he owns and runs the popular Woranan School of Music on Suthep Road. Most of his teaching staff can provide instruction in English.

Opening back in 2003 with just 26 students and 4 music teachers, the school currently offers classes in jazz, pop, blues, rock and classical music with over 20 teachers available to provide beginning to advanced lessons in various kinds of instruments or vocal training. While the majority of students are interested in learning pop and classical, more and more are taking on the considerable challenges of jazz.

Why take lessons at Woranan?
Our philosophy is to make music a part of one’s life. Not everyone is born talented but everyone can enjoy music, whether instrumentally or vocally. Learning music does not have to be competitive, but should be enjoyed based on ones strengths and ability.

Here at Woranan, students not only learn the technical and artistic aspects of music, but we encourage all students to create their own music through the use of improvisation and composition. It doesn’t matter how old someone is, we believe if they can learn to be creative, they can apply this to other lessons. Although we take our lessons as seriously as other institutions to instill discipline and hard work habits, we also believe that learning must be child-friendly, fun, enjoyable, and engaging. Therefore, we incorporate games, challenges, and rewards in order for them to achieve a solid foundation of understanding and enjoyment of music, not just how to play musical pieces.

An important part of learning music is to be given the chance to perform live in front of an audience. Here at Woranan, students are given a chance to perform 3 times a year at the school’s performance room that comfortably seats an audience of 80 people. Recitals are divided into Junior and Senior Recitals and are arranged in a warm, friendly, and semi-casual environment for both family and friends to enjoy. Our school is surrounded by trees in a natural environment with a restaurant and coffee shop on the premises.

One-time Registration Fee: 300 Baht (please provide one 1″ photo for school ID)
Cost for classes: minimum is 2,200 Baht/4 hours, one hour per week (550 Baht per hour). Classes are offered for piano, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, flute, violin, vocal performance, composition, theory & harmony, and preparation for music entrance exams. All ages welcome, both children and adults.
Note: children below 6 years old can take a half hour lesson.

Classes are available: 
Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 am -18:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am -18:00 pm
(Closed on Mondays)

Ajarn Teh’s personal Jazz Music Course offerings:
Improvisation, theory and harmony, composition, ear training, and vocal performing.
Auditions required. Cost is 700 Baht per hour.

For expats and international students, please contact Ajarn Teh for more information at:
086-916-8964 or email him at teh.ittinan@gmail.com

Woranan School of Music (behind Chiang Mai University)
81 Moo 14 Suthep Road, Chiang Mai 50200